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Tiny websites for events, marketing campaigns and small businesses.

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How It Works

Have you ever wanted a website to announce your event or business without having to invest a lot of time and energy in building it? Simple Microsite Builder offers an easy solution for anyone who wants to build a tiny website.

Just fill in the form with your own words and we will publish it to the web for you. If you have an image file you want to use, upload it in any public server you like and put the reference URL in the box. You can also embed Google Map, Youtube video, Twitter feed and other code snippets from third-parties.

Can I update my microsite after publishing? Yes, absolutely. All the information you entered in the form is stored in a BitcoinSV NFT.




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Real-time Tipping Widget powered by HandCash Connect

If you are doing a livestream, your fans can donate directly to you by using our widget. You can see the transaction in real-time in your HandCash wallet.

TonicPow Share Button

Your microsite has a TonicPow Share Button built in so that the visitors can promote it. All you need to do is to set up a campaign for your microsite at TonicPow.

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Microsite Builder is built on BitcoinSV.

Learn more about BSV here.

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