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Start and operate a fully customizable online website building service from scratch.

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Microsite Builder is a fully customizable whitelabel solution for businesses to host website builders under their own brand names. The software source code will be provided AS-IS without warranties or conditions of any kind to the customer. Customer can host the solution on their server, set it up under their domain name, customize the theme with their own brand asset, and start generating revenue based on the pricing table that they configured.

  • Content Data On-chain
  • No PHP, No SQL, No jQuery
  • Patent Pending User Interface
  • Real-time Tipping Widget
  • TonicPow Share Button
  • YouTube, Twitch Livestream embed

Demo Site

Potential Customers

Non-technical Entrepreneurs

A successful business entrepreneur does not always have to be a programmer. They can come up with a good go-to-market strategy and make profit by customizing a whitelabel app to meet their needs. At minimum, they need to hire a logo designer, a HTML/CSS/Javascript engineer to customize the source code and set things up on a server to start collecting revenue. The business owner can focus on strategizing how to make the most profit out of the app instead of spending months and months on developing the product.

Consumer & Small Business Apps

For example, a business that provides restaurant review app can purchase our solution and implement a website builder for small businesses on their platform. They can expand their service offerings immediately without developing the application from scratch. There are millions of small restaurant owners who do not have sufficient technical resource to update their WordPress site on their own when they want to announce a party event or a free-doughnut campaign.

Enterprise PoC Project

We support large corporates looking to leverage Blockchain technology for innovation. By utilizing our whitelabel solution, enterprise customers can quickly execute PoC projects to assess the fit of technology to their core products.


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